Bothers of the Sun – An online process for Men

A 3 month online journey with Velan


This journey creates space to listen and share between 2 brothers. To reconnect, rewild, to rekindle the male human connection through the elemental teachings, initiation, movement, sexuality and relationship. Calling on the power of shared experience, strength, weakness, inspiration, vulnerability, fear and courage.

To speak raw and truthful…no fluff attached

To meet the vulnerability of our own heart

To acknowledge the generative, creative and empowering aspects of self and others.

Calling the brothers… As we begin to find the courage to look at the reality of our life, raw and bare, shadow, blood and bone… to fearlessly look into our pockets of hiding, to clear and receive the tremendous gifts of that aspect of self. Through self inquiry and embodiment we can begin to unveil the foundations of our choices and actions and how that co-creates our life.

This work challenges us to take the practice off the mat and into life… This is a container to be held in all your colors from addiction, guilt and perversion to the integrity and embodiment of clean, humble presence. Accepting the challenges as seeds of possibility for immense personal growth and evolution.


This 2-3 month process, which will hold you accountable for your own growth, is structured into private one on one sessions that address practical, grounded and powerful practices, rituals and experiences to anchor and embody vitality and wakefulness into your life.

This Body of work is grounded in movement, ritual and self inquiry as a platform to springboard out into different angles of growth, healing & vitality.

These practices work with the subtle energetics of the body/mind/spirit and yet break down complexity, revealing simple movement forms that affect internal Chi cultivation, internal health, organ function, blood flow and bone marrow health and much more. I will support you to establish a consistent daily practice, which considerably reduces stress and replenishes and rejuvenates the internal organs. As well as offer different initiatory practices and rituals to reconnect to self, life and earth.

We will also go far beyond a physical practice, intelligently exploring how the philosophy comes off the mat and into the fabric of our life, how to diffuse negative energy, rearrange power plays and look at mental dynamics and subtle energetics.

The Body of Work

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Earth – Rootless root and the Vital Body

  • Pain and tension release
  • Somatic and instinctive intelligence
  • Fascia Connectivity
  • Refine feeling, sight and energetic relationship with life
  • Rootless Root – Moving from the centre
  • Harness the energies through ancient techniques
  • Tailored internal and physical form

Flowing Water – Redirecting sexual energy

  • Self inquiry
  • Yin & Yang balance
  • Relationships – hardcore vulnerability, conflict resolution, sex and fierce commitment to truth
  • Subtle energetics of conflict and communication
  • Cultivating Jing (sexual energies)
  • The art of adaptability and our fluid nature
  • The teachings of the water initiation

Blue Fire – Harness Passion and Purpose

  • Standing in the center
  • Awakening internal strength and silent fire
  • Organ health
  • Resting into our power
  • Addressing illness through circulating chi, organ function and heat building
  • Powerful longevity practises
  • Breaking down mental patterns and limitations
  • Clearing and purifying layers of the mind that limit vitality
  • Teachings of the fire

Air – Calling your spirt back

  • Initiation
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Layers of awareness and life as the practice
  • Awakening the the energy body
  • Aligning with the mystery
  • Leaning into the unknown

Contact Points

We will meet every 2 weeks for an hour session through Skype or Facetime.

A total of 8 online sessions

I will always write a followup email after each meeting to share and offer more guidelines for the process.


Email contact

I encourage you to stay connected through email at least once a week and share with me as the process unfolds. I will be available to support you as needed.


How Long is the journey?

This process will take between 2-3 months depending on each individual, allowing a deep reconnection and integration of the body, energy systems and inner landscape to unfold and flower.

There is no set beginning or end time, since we work privately we can initiate the process in a time that is right for each individual.