Costa Rica YTT 50 hour


Tapas – The Fire of Transformation.

50 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training in Costa Rica – January 9th – 15th 2018.


This 50 hour Yoga Alliance Certified training is recognized as continuing education hours for Yoga Alliance International, and can be applied to further accreditation.

This journey is for aspiring or already certified Yoga Teachers as well as passionate practitioners who feel the call to dive into the depths of the transformation of yoga

Tapas- The Fire of Transformation is a potent journey of healing and purification, drawing upon the ancient sciences of Hatha Yoga and the longevity practices of the Shaolin Energetic Arts.

This week long process is an intense transformative journey designed to challenge and confront layers of sleepiness, avoidance, habit and falsity.


We will explore powerful spaces of stillness and heat building practices as well as longevity and immunity secrets of the Shaolin lineage. The core of this work is about unveiling, shedding, emptying and releasing, creating space for true and authentic expression and embodiment.

By moving through and exploring a direct experience of breaking down limitation, a new approach to longevity and vitality unfolds. This journey reveals clear understanding of these powerful practices and as a teacher it can support you to create empowering new dynamic sequences for others.

This body of work is designed to expand and deepen personal practice and self-knowledge, and it is an opportunity to go to the next level of interaction with one’s students and one’s own commitment to personal evolution.


Key Points of Study


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This 50 Hour Tapa- Fire of Transformation course Curriculum includes:

  • Anatomy & Physiology – Fascia and the science of connection
  • Organs & Meridian Health (using Shaolin yoga to affect specific organs)
  • The Anatomy of energetic cultivation
  • Yin and Yang Theory (basic Taoist theory and the principles of yin and yang – how they are applied to yoga and movement)
  • Sequencing of Tapas
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques) for health, relaxation and awakening the energy body
  • Energy Transfer – 7 principles
  • Bio-Tensegrity – 4 dimensional movement
  • Initiation processes
  • Breathwork

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