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Beyond Yoga

Yoga, the Depth of the Path

Beyond Yoga

The Yoga Teacher Training space… We approach Yoga as a means to heal, to explore the inner realms, to center and align…to dive into the corners and pockets of the body that are holding tension, memories, trauma and beliefs. Through the light of awareness, deep conscious breath and the science of the postures, we can use this form to access and explore layers of the pain body…deep stagnant blackness of rage, fear, resentment… tucked away in the hips in the…

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Beyond Yoga

Sacred Activism disguised as Yoga

Mystery of the Body As we dive into the 3rd week of the yoga teacher training, we observe the mystery of the body and its power to affect the physiology, chemistry and…

Beyond Yoga Embodiment

We are Connection

Through the practice of relaxing, consciously sinking the energy downward, moving the weight towards the feet, there is a movement away from the fragmentation of the mind and into the wholeness of…

Beyond Yoga Embodiment

Woman Rising

We are deep in the Yoga teacher training with an intimate circle of women…women from around the world seeking embodiment, opening to healing, awakening a more potent connection to spirit and reclaiming…

Beyond Yoga Embodiment

Nourishing Peace

Recently, the reflection of life that continues to weave through my days is the guidance to anchor MORE, to root, to ground the attention and to truly experience the sense of drawing…

Beyond Yoga Earth Ways

Yoga and the Earth Path

Throughout the world, the resurgence and exposure of the wisdom of the indigenous traditions invite us to seek connection and reverence for the natural world, opening to the interconnectedness of all things.…