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Sacred Seed

Yoga, the Depth of the Path

Beyond Yoga

The Yoga Teacher Training space… We approach Yoga as a means to heal, to explore the inner realms, to center and align…to dive into the corners and pockets of the body that are holding tension, memories, trauma and beliefs. Through the light of awareness, deep conscious breath and the science of the postures, we can use this form to access and explore layers of the pain body…deep stagnant blackness of rage, fear, resentment… tucked away in the hips in the…

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Personal Evolution

Beyond, fuck you and how dare they!

It has been a deep and powerful time in my life, a time where certain situations and experiences are clearly calling me to grow. Recently I have been engaging with people that are deeply challenging…

Personal Evolution

How Relationship Survives the Beast

The road of intimate relationship is one of the most potent fields for growth and evolution. Once the honeymoon has finished, the challenges and complexity of two people coming together to SHARE…

Sacred Activism

Sacred Rites- A Time of Initiation

  Leaving our baby girl with the grandparents for the first time…we travel towards the Blue mountains outside of Sydney for our SACRED RITES gathering…We are gathering in community to share, to…

Personal Evolution

Rising out of the Valley

Several years ago when my oldest daughter Munay was 2, we began a journey which marked the beginning of our new life.  As a single mama, and coming out of a very…

Earth Ways

Kuauhtli Interviewed – by Tristan Bray

The Cockatoo Eagle Condor Reality   “Please enjoy this interview as Kuauhtli shares more of his in-depth experience on how working with Peyote helps people transcend spiritual and healing blockages in any…

Beyond Yoga

Sacred Activism disguised as Yoga

Mystery of the Body As we dive into the 3rd week of the yoga teacher training, we observe the mystery of the body and its power to affect the physiology, chemistry and…

Earth Ways

Moon Medicine

We are still integrating the Dual Dance, an incredible 4 day journey of prayer, celebration, elder wisdom and deep community togetherness. The moon dance circle that we have been a part of…

Sacred Activism

A New Dawn

Coming out of a silent retreat and a weekend of powerful community work, and there is a flame of hope and inspiration burning inside of me. The outside reflection of the planet…